Clear Polymer

Liquid plastic coating that self-levels and then hardens to produce a thick, clear, durable and glossy finish.


Polymer Advantages Disadvantages Uses
Rigid-PVC Impact strength, Low Cost Clarity Tool corrosion, Fumes POP Display
GPPS Lowest cost, Highest clarity Brittle, Scratch resistance POP display, CD jewel box
SAN / NAS Stiffness, improved chem/heat Poor UV, Low flow Cosmetics, Kitchenware
MABS / MBS Good Impact, Good Clarity for cost Outdoor Electrostatic charge Toiletries, Cosmetics
SBS Sterilizable, Low temp impact Chemical resistance, ESCR Medical devices, Kitchenware
COPOLYESTER Chemical resistance, High clarity, Impact Drying, Weatherability POP Displays, Medical
SMMA Gamma stable, toughness with rigidity No UV grades, Limited toughness Medical, Interior Lense
PMMA Scratch resistance, UV Stable Low Temp Impact, No FR Optical Lens, Bath Accessories
PC High Impact, Stiff, Tough, Clear Chemical resistance, High processing temp. CS, DVD, Medical
PUR Chemical resistance, High Heat Processing, Boiling Water Fuel bowls, Industrial Lens
PSU High heat, Toughness, Rgidity Poor weatherability, Stress cracking Electronics & Automotive parts
Random COPP Living hinge, Sterilization grades Limited clarity, Low stiffness Medical devices, Kitchenware
PET Chemical resistance, wear resistance Processing, Sterilization Beverage bottles, Food packaging
PMP Very clear, Chemical resistance Sunlight, Chlorine, Lowflow Microwave cookware, Cosmetics
Rigid-PVC Weatherable, FR grades Fumes, Mold corrosion Electrical gaskets, Medical
TPO Low cost performance, FDA Limited hardness, Gasoline attack Furniture glides, Clear hoses
EVA Low Temp Impact, FDA Sticky, High temp Sports mouthpiece, Footware
SEBS Semi-weatherable, Abrasion resistance No sterilization, Hot water attack Sof touch grips
TPU Abraision resistance, Chemical resistance Needs drying, Acid attack Gaskets, Medical