What is EcoPure?

EcoPure is our proprietary blend of organic materials that does not modify the base resin to which it is added. The latter retains all its original properties and shelf life. EcoPure is melt-compounded into a masterbatch carrier resin, which is then pelletized. EcoPure initiates and promotes soley a biodegradation process, and does so only in the presence of microorganisms such as are found in landfills and similar environments.

The EcoPure additive renders normally water-repellent polymers more hydrophillic attracting and promoting the intimate adhesion of the prerequisite biofilm. The additive system then facilitates the growth of syntrophic colonies of diverse microorganisms that degrade hydrocarbon polymers through and enzymatically catalyzed oxidative process PP;PE) as well as by oxidative ring-opening (PS).