Ecopure is Food grade, with unlimited shelf life.
Ecopure can be used for all kinds of Plastic polymers, processes and products.
When used at the time of manufacturing, will Biodegrade all plastics products under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
Ecopure is a groundbreaking plastic additive which makes regular plastic biodegradable. You can make any product without altering the physical properties of the product.
Your product, can be made to break down into organic components with as little as .7% addition of Ecopure.
Ecopure is easy to use. Just add it in to your production process the same way you would add any color concentrate. No need to re-engineer your product or process. No new materials to struggle with. No flaking or shortened shelf life. Blends easily with your existing manufacturing process, so no need to change any of your existing production machinery or processes.
Your final product will be essentially indistinguishable from your current product. But when it's finally discarded it will return to the cycle of life.
No other product in the world, can claim to perform all of this at the same time.
The future is now!
Over 270 companies worldwide are already using our products to make the world a better place. Using EcoPure presents you with a rare and great opportunity to brand your plastic products/packaging Sustainable in the real sense and take a lead in the industry in sustainability.
Our clients use EcoPure for packaging, e.g. bags, films, containers, PET bottles etc. and for other products e.g. shoe soles, battery containers, auto parts, single/multi use foodstuff containers etc.
I would like to explore the possibility of working with your company to promote Biodegradability as not only the only solution to the littering menace of Plastic in India, but also to promote Sustainability as a solution.
Ecopure is brought to you by Vasudhaecofriends Projects Pvt.Ltd. We represent Biotec Environmental LLC. in India. We are a company totally focused on Sustainability through all our Products and Services.